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Report profile, Governance, Ethics and Integrity

Report Profile

This report covers the calendar year of 2013. Reach for Change publishes an annual integrated report with both financial statement as well as the program results. Last report, the 2012 report, was printed and released at the end of April 2013. A pdf-version was published at the Reach for Change website in June 2013. The 2013-report will be published on the site in early February 2014.  It is the first year for using the GRI-standards as a base.


Responsible for questions regarding this report is Marlene Claesson, [email protected].


The Reach for Change 2013 annual report is in accordance with the G4 Guidelines – core option. In addition to the reported Specific Standard Disclosures, the report also contains reporting on indicators from the G3 NGO Sector supplement since that was stated as most material for Reach for Change’s stakeholders. Reach for Change is aware of that it will not be considered as a part of GRI-G4 report.


The GRI-index is found at here


Reach for Change will not seek assurance of the 2013 report. The financial report is audited by E&Y.




The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the organisation and management of the Foundation, and its economic position. It delegates responsibility for the ongoing management of the Foundation to the CEO in accordance with the guidelines and instructions it establishes. In addition, the Board shall ensure that the Foundation’s organisation is designed so that accounting, management of funds and the financial affairs are overseen in a satisfactory way. Authority to legally sign for the Foundation is only vested in the Board in its entirety, two or more Directors jointly, or by one Director and the CEO jointly.


The Steering Committee is a non-executive forum that aims to ensure that the foundation complies with the Board’s guidelines and instructions. It also acts as a sounding board to the CEO and provides advice on how to implement the Board’s guidelines and instructions.


The CEO is responsible for the ongoing management. In addition to implementing the Board’s guidelines and instructions, the CEO also has a mandate to make decisions of unusual character or of great importance, if awaiting a decision from the Board would be significantly detrimental to the foundation.


The Deputy CEO & COO assists the CEO. He reports to her on all operational and internal matters, e.g. operating the Foundation’s programs to deliver the expected social impact, and financial controlling. In the event of the CEO’s incapacity, the Deputy CEO & COO will act in place of her until she returns to duty or the Board appoints a new permanent CEO.

The management team consists of CEO, Deputy CEO & COO, three Regional Directors, Program Director and the Marketing Director. The latter five persons report to the Deputy CEO & COO. Each Regional Director is responsible for the ongoing management of affairs in his/her region, including finding and developing social entrepreneurs. The Program and Marketing Directors are responsible for ensuring even and sufficiently high quality and impact in their respective areas across the regions. All other employees report to one of the Regional Directors (“solid line”), with a secondary responsibility (“dotted line”) towards the Program or the Marketing Directors.

Ethics and integrity
Reach for Change is committed to conducting business to the highest ethical standards and to going beyond the law to advance social responsibility. In October 2012 Reach for Change adopted their Code of Conduct to ensure all employees and affiliates are well aware of what is expected from them. Reach for Change requires all social entrepreneurs, employees, management, members of our Board of Directors and affiliates (when applicable), to; read, understand and sign the Code and thereby comply with it.


Reach for Change believes that children are everyone’s business; that one voice can make a difference; and that the right idea in the hands of the right person can change the world. Children are at the core of the operations and at the core of the Reach for Change code of conduct. Reach for Change takes special consideration to respect and support children’s rights in all our activities and relationships.


Also at the core of the operations are relationships with the social entrepreneurs and affiliates. Reach for Change works to promote its vision, mission and values in all the business relationships and encourage the social entrepreneurs and affiliates to do the same in their business relationships following the sentiment of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.


The purpose of the Reach for Change Code of Conduct is to assure that all the employees, social entrepreneurs, and affiliates share Reach for Change’s commitment to such responsible business practices.

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